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Factitious Hyperthyroidism


Factitious hyperthyroidism is the medical term indicating the higher levels of thyroid present in the blood than normal levels. This disease is mainly caused due to over consumption of the thyroid medicine over the years. 

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The factitious hyperthryroidism may be basically caused due to constant taking of medicines for the treatment of hypothyroidism. This disease may also be called “doctor-induced” hyperthyroidism or “iatrogenic” hyperthyroidism. Patients who are trying to reduce weight or are mentally retarded or want to get compensation from the insurance company are often seen to increase the dose of the drug intentionally. Children may take the pills accidentally.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient suffering from factitious hyperthyroidism has the following symptoms:-

  • The patient may suffer from no signs of goiter.
  • The eyes of the patient wouldn’t bulge as in case of Graves disease.
  • The skin over the reproductive organs may also not shrink as in Graves diseases.
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The accidental overdose of the drug must be prevented.  

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Conservative Treatment Modern Medicine

The thyroid medicine must be stopped on immediate basis. The dose may be reduced if the drug can’t be stopped. Patients with Munchausen syndrome are also required to undergo psychological treatment.

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