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Empty-Sella Syndrome


Empty-sella syndrome is a condition which is characterized by enlarged bony structure, known as sella turcicia. The bony structure houses pituitary gland, which is normally small in size. The condition is common in women. The gland is located at brain’s base. Due to the disorder, the affected people sometimes face high fluid pressure inside the skull. Primary and secondary are two forms of empty sella syndrome.

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The shrinking of the gland is the main cause of the condition. When the gland shrinks it is not seen even on MRI scans due to which it appears like empty sella. That’s why the condition is known as empty sella syndrome. The condition is common in those women who are overweight and having high blood pressure.

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Signs & Symptoms

Commonly, person experiences no symptoms during the condition. However, the fact is sometimes different individual experiences different symptoms. High fluid pressure in the skulls, chronically running nose, headaches, low sexual desire, nipple discharge, impotence, etc are some of the symptoms of the condition.

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There is no prevention of the condition.

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Conservative Treatment Modern Medicine

Both forms of empty-sella syndrome are treated in different manner depending upon the few factors like:

  • Extent of the disease
  • Overall health and medical facts
  • Tolerance regarding specific medications and many more

For treating primary empty-sella syndrome, medications like bromocriptine, etc are given. Secondary Empty-sella syndrome is treated by replacing those hormones which are lacking.

If the pituitary gland is functioning normal, no treatment is required. 

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