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Cushing'S Syndrome; Exogenous


Exogenous Cushing syndrome is one of the types of Cushing syndrome. It is basically seen in patients taking glucocorticoid hormones for long time.

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As the name suggests, the exogenous Cushing syndrome is caused when the patient consumes synthetic glucocorticoids in the form of pills of prednisone and dexamethasone. These pills are generally administered to the patients of asthma. These pills are also used to cure rheumatoid arthritis and immunosupressants during organ transplantation.

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Signs & Symptoms

There are numerous symptoms seen in the patient suffering from exogenous Cushing syndrome:-

  • The patient may suffer from obesity of the upper region of the body, whereas the hands and legs remain thin only.
  • The face swells up in the form of full moon.
  • The growth rate of the child patient detoriates.
  • Skin infections and acne are commonly seen in the patients of Cushing syndrome of any age group.
  • Purple marks may be seen in the abdomen, breasts and thighs.
  • The skin of the body becomes thinner and hence gets bruised easily.
  • The muscles may become weak too.
  • The women patients may suffer from excessive growth of hair on several parts of her body, such as face, chest, thighs, etc.
  • In some of the cases the menstrual cycle may become irregular or may completely stop.
  • In male patients the chances of impotency may increase.
  • The desire to have sex finishes off completely.
  • Certain symptoms are common to all the male and female patients.
  • All patients may complain of headache and fatigue.
  • They may also complain of behavioral changes, anxiety and depression.
  • The patients may also suffer from increased tendency of thirst and urination.
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Side effects of glucocorticosteroids should be treated early.

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Conservative treatment Modern Medicine

The drugs with corticosteroids must be stopped slowly with time, though not without consulting your doctor. Try to cure the underlying disease to rectify the problem, such as treat blood sugar level through diet and insulin rather than the oral pills. Similarly try to treat cholesterol level in your blood through diet.

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