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Chronic Thyroiditis (Hashimoto'S Disease)


Chronic thyroiditis is the condition of inflammation of the thyroid gland. This leads to frequent hypothyroidism.

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Hashimoto’s disease is a commonly found thyroid gland disorder. This disease can occur in any age and in commonly found in middle aged women. The defective autoimmunity leads to this disease. Chronic thyroiditis is also seen in the patient suffering from adrenal insufficiency, hypoparathyrodism, and fungal infections of mouth and nails.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient suffering from chronic thyroiditis may have the following symptoms:-

  • The patient may suffer from constipation.
  • She may face difficulty in concentrating on objects or thoughts.
  • The person may also have dry skin.
  • The neck area may be swelled up due to presence of goiter.
  • There may also be hair loss and fatigue.
  • The patient may suffer from mild weight gain and becomes intolerated to cold.
  • The patient may also suffer from irregular and heavy flow during the periods.
  • The patient may also have shrunken thyroid gland.
  • The patient may also suffer from swelling of the face.
  • There may be unintentional weight gain.
  • There may also be joint stiffness.
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This disease can’t be prevented.

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Surgery Modern Medicine

Drugs may be administered to cure chronic thyroiditis. Surgery is done to remove the thyroid gland completely in severe cases. Drugs such as levothyroxine and desiccated thyroid extract may be administered for the treatment of this disease too

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