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Alkalosis is also known as acidosis, in this state the body fluids have excess of alkali or base. It is an opposite state of excess acidity. The kidneys and the lungs help in maintaining the acid and base levels in the body. Increase in bicarbonates which is a base and decrease in the carbon dioxide which is the acid makes the body fluid very alkaline hence the state alkalosis.

There are different types of Alkalosis and their causes vary accordingly. Different types of Alkalosis are:

Respiratory Alkalosis is caused when the level of carbon dioxide in the body fluids decreased. Hyperventilation or fast breathing can be caused by an increase in altitude levels or going through a disease which involves reduction in oxygen levels in blood, this further causes the levels of carbon dioxide to decrease and hence Alkalosis.

Metabolic Alkalosis is caused by high levels of bicarbonates in foods hence in higher level of bicarbonates in blood.

Long episodes of vomiting can lead to extreme reduction in levels of chlorides which causes Hypochloremic Alkalosis.

Certain diuretic medications can aid kidneys to react in a way where they lose extreme amounts of Potassium and this state is called Hypokalemic Alkalosis.

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Signs & Symptoms

The symptoms attached to Alkalosis are nausea or vomiting, tingling and numbness feeling in the body especially the face, shaking of hands, light headedness, long spells of muscle spasms and twitching of muscles.

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Conservative Treatment Modern Medicine

The treatment of Alkalosis depends on the type. Tests of pH show the level of alkalosis. Tests of carbon dioxide and bicarbonates indicate the type of Alkalosis.

Respiratory Alkalosis causes the level of carbon dioxide to fall and hence can be retained by blowing air in a paper bag. As per the condition of the patient, they might require oxygen to be given

Drugs may be required in case of reduction in chemicals like chlorides and potassium.

The doctor will need to constantly monitor the vitals in terms of blood pressure, pulse, rate of breathing and temperature of the patient.

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